13 Oct 14 at 1 am
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One step closer right? 

12 Oct 14 at 2 am
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I should be alone forever.

10 Oct 14 at 2 am
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I was debating on keeping it but then when I peeked inside this dude owned a Subaru and had a cannabis card.

so! I drove to his house and dropped it off.

Moral of the story is, drive a cool car and smoke lol.

09 Oct 14 at 12 pm
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07 Oct 14 at 9 am
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I’m going to be at school from 8AM-9PM today.

Keep me in your prayers. 😭🙏

Should’ve taken my Xanax when I started to feel shitty.

I have to drive in half an hour and I can’t drive after taking Xanax.

Mmmph. :( I have to go to work anxious.

Followed me into a gas station just to tell me that I was being a cunt because I was going 75 in the “fast lane”.

That guy was seriously the biggest fucking joke I’ve ever seen in my life. He got out of his car numerous times to try and speak to me. Flipped me off like crazy while we were driving. But I pulled into a gas station to fucking square up with this 30 something year old fuck boy and he wouldn’t even stand 5 feet in my proximity.

Don’t ever fucking act brave just because you’re in your car.
And don’t ever tell me I need to learn how to drive because I am a DAMN good driver. Good enough to own your ass in my POS prelude in your new 2014 Mazda lol. You are the biggest pussy ever because you followed me just to tell me I’m a cunt 6 feet away from me.

LOLOLOL fucking biggest joke of 2014.

28 Sep 14 at 8 pm

Me and the puppy getting gas.

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Me and the puppy getting gas.
27 Sep 14 at 1 am
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